About Leo

Leo is an augmented reality app allowing people to experience advanced augmented reality through realistic animated and 3D objects in the real world. The phone camera becomes a portal and tool that allows anyone to augment their world through Leo. People can customize any surrounding environment into their wildest dreams: expressing themselves in a new mixed reality space, as well as sharing with family, friends and other social outlets.

Your Mind, Your World

Leo has hundreds of realistic animated 3D objects. In addition to that, Leo has special effects like money falling, balloons flying or a rain of roses. People can customize the real world how they want, and whenever they want. How about putting an animated realistic shark in your pool? Or putting a giant giraffe in your living room? There are no limits to what you can create in every scenario. Let your imagination go wild and allow your dreams to manifest in your world now through Leo.

Discover Other Worlds By Geo-Leo

Do you wonder what it’s like inside someone else’s mind or what would happen if your dreams became real? You can share your Leo world using your location, and let everyone else in on what you are imagining. Others can finally be a part of your world. You can also discover other people’s Leo recordings by using discover feature.

Realistic Objects Which

Leo features hundreds of 3D scanned objects produced by using advanced technology. People can use animated 3D scanned objects, organized by categories, for easy discovery for related environments. By using 3D scanned objects, the real world and augmented world getting closer to each other and create a imaginary and real space that is both here and there.